About Us


Making Your Town Fun, 

Once Again.


It's all the same. The BBQ restaurants, pubs, nightlife..

For us, it has always been about bringing something new, fun, and innovative into our neighborhood. We make fun contents and distribute well.

Milk tavern is in short, Tavern selling very special Ice Creams. We are the first major cereal bar in the west coast U.S.A offering 18 different choice of cereals and toppings to make it in to a regular cereal bowl, milk shake or even a ice cream swirl. 

We also offer small batch, handmade liquor infused ice creams and some great selection of craft beer, wine and bubbles to play around with it.  

Perfect for any chill night out with your friends, co-workers, or a date. Get out of that busy life and just chill, that's what this is all about.